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Room 2 Kirklandneuk

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

 Room 2 has had a very busy term 1 and we have been learning lots of different things. Our first topic was Elmer. We completed many activities for this topic and the picture shows our class Elmer which we all had a hand in creating.

In Science we were learning about the water cycle. We learnt some very big words! As you can see Room 2 are putting in a lot of effort into their learning.

Room 2 have created a fantastic display of portraits. The children all worked independently to complete these. The captions beside each person is a statement about what happiness means to them. I am sure you agree that Room 2 has a fantastic bunch of children in it.

As term 1 nears its end I would just like to say a well done to all the children for all their hard work in class. I am very much looking forward to next term which will be another busy term with lots of exciting experiences for us all.

Mrs MacLellan.

Monday, August 14, 2017


Tuesday, February 7, 2017

World of Work Week!

As part of World of Work Week, Primary 1b had many visits from people of various professions to inspire the class about different career paths and the importance of transferable skills.  We loved hearing about their job and asking them lots of questions.  We even got to try on their uniform and sit in a police car!

 Kevin and Reece explained how they help to keep us safe and showed us the different equipment that they carry.

 Mr and Mrs Hawthorn told us about their old and new jobs.  Mr Hawthorn used to help people choose a wedding suit. I think our Primary 1s might be a bit young to visit him...

 Room 2 LOVED their visit from Bari who plays for the local ice-hockey team, The Braehead Clan. How showed us all the equipment he wears to keep himself safe.
We had lots of fun with Andrew from Active Schools who showed us some activities to keep us fit and healthy.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Readers and writers

Primary 1 have been developing their reading and writing skills.  Here are a few examples of them hard at work!

-At the weekend I watched Mulan.
-At the weekend I got a new hat. I helped my Mum pick my brother some new shoes.
-At the weekend I got a new car.  My car was broken.  It was red.
-At the weekend I played Star Wars with Jamie.
-At the weekend I watched Spider Man. I played with my brother.
-At the weekend I made a long tape.
-At the weekend I played with my toys and with my brother.
-At the weekend I played with my toys.
-At the weekend I made cakes. I played with my cousin. I am so excited to go swimming.

Amazing Adding

The boys and girls have been looking at different strategies to add to 10.  They have explored lots of different activities to extend and consolidate their learning. Miss Herd is very impressed with how hard they have been working.


Room 2 and room 4 have had lots of fun learning different gymnastic skills.  We have been looking at different ways to roll, jump and balance along the floor and apparatus. Look at how we have been making different shapes by balancing with different parts of our body. 

Symmetrical Play

In maths, we have been learning about symmetry and drawing symmetrical pictures.  During Golden Time, Jacob used the Duplo to create a sculpture that is symmetrical in both shape and colour.  Well done!