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Room 2 Kirklandneuk

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Class Trip

As part of our term 3 topic all of Primary 1 travelled to the Riverside Transport Museum in Glasgow. 

We had so much fun! 


Generation Science

Our first morning back from the holiday weekend Primary 1b had a special visit from Generation Science. They came along with their teddy friends called Isaac and Newton to the gym hall and brought lots of interesting experiments with them.

The session began with us learning all about different scientific vocabulary to describe forces. Words we learned included pushing, pulling, gravity, floating, sinking, friction, experiment, scientists and predicting. Isaac and Newton demonstrated different actions that we could do to help us remember these actions. 

As a class we participated in a tug of war, throwing challenge and floating and sinking of two different types of ball. 

We then worked in smaller groups where we were the scientists, we had to make predictions before carrying out our experiments. We used helium filled balloons to see how gravity worked, we used basins and a range of items to check floating and sinking. Finally we used different types of flooring and toy cars to investigate friction. 

Everyone had a fantastic time and hope Isaac and Newton can visit us again! 

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