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Room 2 Kirklandneuk

Monday, October 7, 2013


 In Kirklandneuk Primary we always like to make sure everyone has a healthy body. To ensure this is possible we learn about how to relax during the month of September. We have all been learning massage techniques to use on our friends. We asked our friend if they would like a massage and had to have their permission before we could start. Everyone was very calm with the relaxing music on in the background.

Our Buddies

In Primary 1 we all have a buddy in Primary 7. Our buddies are special friends who come to help and look after us, particularly in the first few weeks of school. They helped us get ready for play time and home time in our first few weeks, they took us on a tour of the school, helped us with our lunches when we first stayed in and did lots of other fun things with us too!
We all look so excited to see them in our photographs!

Welcome to Primary 1b!

Hello and welcome to Primary 1b! Everyone has settled well into life at Kirklandneuk Primary. Mrs Coyle has been so impressed with our behaviour, manners and enthusiasm for learning. She hopes we keep this up all year!

Don't we look so smart in our uniforms!