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Room 2 Kirklandneuk

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Halloween Disco

At the start of term 2 we enjoyed attending the Halloween Disco organised by the PTA. Mrs Coyle was there and loved all of our costumes, she found it tricky to recognise us and we didn't recognise her at the start either! Can you tell who we are?

Golden Time

In Primary 1b we love our Golden Time on a Friday afternoon. It is such a special time for us as we get to play with different toys and games, we can draw, eat fruit and sometimes we have a DVD option! If they are not too busy our buddies even come to visit and spend some time with us!

Road Safety

As we were walking to the church we demonstrated our skills of crossing the road. We have spoken about how we cross the road safely and practised with role play in the class. Everyone was extremely sensible and Mrs Coyle was delighted with us!

3D Robots

In our Numeracy we were looking at lots of 2D and 3D shapes. We saw that these shapes are in our environment around us everywhere we look! We recycled some 3D shapes that we found at home and turned them into robots! Our buddies from Primary 7 came along to help us with our creations!

Church Visit

Mr Steele very kindly invited us to visit him at Trinity Church in Renfrew. We have been learning about Welcoming a Baby in a church and were very excited to see around the church. We saw lots of important things and enjoyed our visit!