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Room 2 Kirklandneuk

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Our New Topic

Our new topic is all about toys. So far we have been busy finding out what we already know about toys (and finding out what toys our parents used to play with!) We thought carefully about what we wanted to learn about toys. Some of the things we want to investigate are:
  • How are toys made?
  • Do children in other countries play with the same toys we play with?
  • What kinds different kinds of toys are there?

And many more!

We decided that we should name our teams after toys, so in our groups we suggested different toys we could name ourselves after and then took a vote. Our new groups names are: Buzz Lightyear, Toy Soldiers, Jessie and Ben 10.

We worked co-operatively to make posters for our groups which would go up on the wall. We each had a special job to do and had our own space on the poster to fill with our very best drawings. We all did a fantastic job and our posters look fantastic! We all look forward to doing tasks in our team earning lots of team points.

Matching number names

Matching Number Names


We have been been busy rehearsing for our Christmas nativity. We all have a special part to play and some of us have some things to say! We are enjoying singing with the primary two children and the teachers think that we are starting to sound fantastic! We hope that everyone will come and watch our very special production.