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Room 2 Kirklandneuk

Friday, May 10, 2013

Term 3 End of Term Reward

Primary 1b were extremely proud when we were all told that our behaviour had been excellent and therefore we all got the end of term reward.

We had a great time when the Gladigator came and brought a huge inflatable obstacle course.

Primary 1 were set a Homework Challenge to decorate their own boiled egg so that they could roll it at the Primary 1 Easter Egg rolling competition.

We were all very proud of our Eggs and we all kept out fingers crossed that they wouldn't get too damaged when we rolled them down the hill...

It was a tough competition as some eggs rolled quicker down the hill than others.

Green Fish (a friend of the Rainbow Fish) came to visit us in our classroom. He wanted to let us know that he was so pleased with all of our hard work that he and the Rainbowfish had got us a gift.

We were all really excited and we couldn't wait until we found out what was underneath the pink cloth.

To our delight, it was three very special fish. One was a Black moor, one was a Red and White Aranda and the last one was a Caliko Aranda.

We all went back to our classrooms and thought of some special 'WOW' words that we could call our new fish. We decided on Sun Beam for our class fish. Room 1 decided to call their Moonlight and Room 4 called their fish Precious Treasure.

We are all really excited about taking care of our new pet fish and finding out about the different habitats fish can live in and what they need to stay healthy.