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Room 2 Kirklandneuk

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Term 2 is an especially exciting time for primary 1 as we are working hard to get our Nativity performance ready to perform in front of our family and friends. We all have a very important part to play and are enjoying being on stage performing with all of our friends.

We are looking forward to our Christmas party at the end of the term because it is really good fun to be   with all of the other primary 1 children. Please check back to see some photographs of our party.

Primary 1 were lucky to have the Science Centre come to visit us and explain to us in a fun way how the human body works. We really enjoyed carrying out lots of fun experiments.

We really enjoyed our end of term 1 reward and we couldn't believe all of the different animals we got to meet. Have a look at how friendly all the different animals were with us. I think you will agree that we have some very brave Primary 1 children!